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Are you having a router issue? Here’s an easy self help fix.

From time to time nearly all electronic devices need a reboot to clear out caches, finish firmware updates and generally get a fresh start. If your internet is not functioning normally, please try the following reboot process. 

However, If this occurs frequently (a few times a month), then there is likely another issue that needs to be addressed.  Such as a new router, or possibly a service call.

Internet Service Reset/Reboot Procedure:

  1. Unplug power to the Antennae (small black box).
  2. Unplug the power to your router
  3. Power down your computer
  4. After 30 seconds has past, plug in the power to the Antennae (small black box)
  5. After another 30 seconds has past, plug the power into your router
  6. After waiting another 60 seconds, turn on your computer 
  7. Test the connection and see if it is working as it should be. 

If this does not resolve your internet connection issues.  Give us a call or an email and we’ll help get the issue resolved.

Scott Wade | AirGrids | Office (406) 660-3101 | 610 N Montana Street, Suite 20, Dillon MT 59725

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04:46 09 Jan 18
We have been their customer for a few years now, in 2 different homes. We have received excellent service the whole time. We enjoy high speed internet without living in a big city! We highly recommend AirGrids.
Virg Hale
Virg Hale
21:30 08 Jan 18
I have had Air Grids for probably 4 years and love the service. Scott, the owner, is very helpful and responsive to any issues. I have great Internet that allows me to work from home as well as watch Netflix, etc. Great company!
lawrence morrisroe
lawrence morrisroe
19:05 08 Jan 18
Awesome internet provider with great customer service, I would recommend AirGrids to anyone. Even if you are a high data user or just want video streaming they offer a variety of options. I finally have high speed internet in rural Montana.
Chad Winstead
Chad Winstead
02:24 09 Jan 18
The most knowledgeable provider in the area. Timely service and good rates.
Matt Allen
Matt Allen
18:16 08 Jan 18
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