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How to Use Email Invoice

AirGrids uses an online email invoice system. You will receive an email each month with your current payment due. You may either pay your invoice online or mail payment to 610 N Montana St #20, Dillon, MT 59725. Auto pay is available by completing a form and sending it to AirGrids.

Pay Online


1) Open your email and click the green View Invoice button on the right side of the email.


2)  Click on the green Pay Now button in the upper right hand corner to pay your bill online.

3) Enter amount to pay and fill in your payment information

4) Scroll down and click the green Send Payment button to complete your payment. 

5) You can create an account and save your payment information to be used later. NOTE: This is NOT a recurring payment. You still must click through your email and invoice every month to pay.

Auto Recurring Payments

Don’t want to worry about remembering to pay every month? Sign up for recurring monthly payments by filling out this form ( and scanning it and emailing it to or mailing it to 610 N Montana St #20, Dillon, MT 59725.

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